Our Solution: The Programme

The Boys2Men project is based on the idea that every boy needs a guide or mentor to steer them through the challenging early teenage years, where so many boys flounder. The best guide a boy can have is his dad or father figure.

Our project works with fathers and sons taking them through a range of challenging and fun activities with the aim of strengthening the bond between them and enabling them to trust each other more. This stronger father-son relationship gives the son the confidence to thrive in a time of physical, emotional and social change and make the most of the opportunities that lie ahead.

Our results show that following the project boys grow in self confidence; behaviour and their involvement in school improves; and the boys start to lead more active lives. Fathers often become more involved in the life of their sons, make new friends and take a more active role in their family.

We invite you to look around to see first hand the achievements these young lads and their dads made given this opportunity.
The Boys2Men programme is an intensive experience designed to offer a father and son challenges that will require them to work as an effective team. There will be occasions when both the father and son are taken out of their comfort zone and are challenged to set new goals.  Above all they are encouraged to have fun together.
The programme is structured to offer a progression of activities so new physical skills are learnt and a growing sense of achievement is acquired over time. Fathers and sons are encouraged to develop personal qualities that are put to the test on some of the endurance activities. The key aim of the programme is that the father and son work together effectively as a team.

Each programme starts with an introductory one-hour session where the purpose and activities are explained and families are invited to join. Some fathers who have previously taken part share the impact it has had in their family.  A DVD of a previous group is also shown.
The sessions take place on one evening a week or over a weekend and transport is provided to all activities away from school.

During two camping weekends the father and son camp and cook together organising their equipment as a single unit.  A workshop where the dads as a group consider how to be effective role models is included.  There are also times of reflection where the father and son are asked to consider and talk about specific issues relating to the son’s future and their family.

At the end of the programme the whole family is invited to a celebration event at the hosting school where the achievements of the father and son are shared and the DVD of the group is shown for the first time. Each father and son are then invited to make a commitment to undertake an activity together in the future. We find that many families continue to do activities such as camping weekends together after the project has finished.

A typical B2M programme would include the following:


1 Hour

2 Hours

2 Hours

2 Hours

48 Hours over a weekend
1 Day
1 Day

2 Hours

48 Hours over a weekend
1 Day
1 Day


Introductory meeting

Indoor rock climbing

Making a birdbox out of wood

Camp prep and games

Camping weekend
Canoe trip on canals
High ropes and zip wire

Fitness and water fun session

Camping weekend
River canoe trip


*Explain the benefits of the project

*Set personal challenges
*Face fears
*Learn the value of encouragement and praise

*Fathers to teach sons how to use basic
*Son to look to father for guidance and help each other

*To understand how to use the camping
equipment safely
*Learn about and plan a camp menu
Challenge each other in games

*Learn new skills
*Communicate effectively
*Work as a team
*Set new goals following climbing session

*Learn about personal fitness and set goals
*Enjoy fun water polo

*Apply previous learning to new challenges
*Build on canoeing skills on running water
*Endure a full day canoe trip
*Learn a variety of Bush craft skills in the outdoors

All specialist equipment needed for the project is supplied. Fathers and sons are only asked to provide food for the camping weekends and bring suitable old clothes to take part in the activities.