The Journey of Boys2Men

20150607_115913Once the initial project was established and the idea was developed we sought to find a company who could provide the activities we wanted to include and also understand the ethos of the project.

For the first two years we used Youth Afloat, a charity that specialized in providing challenging outdoor activities to families. Following their closure we used Birmingham Outdoor Education Services and from 2015 we employed a team of local freelance instructors to help us deliver the activities. Seven years ago Worcestershire YMCA offered to provide the management framework and infrastructure to run the project, so that we could focus on making an impact with the families we work with. In September 2015 we became an independent Registered Charity The Project is an intensive programme which runs for half a term, has been running every year since 2009. We work with boys and their fathers/father figures in the 11-15 age range who are identified by their school, some as being at risk of exclusion, having behavioral problems who are underachieving, or who have a low self-esteem.

20150509_202114Over the years we have developed and refined the programme, responding to our own evaluations and the feedback we have received from boys, parents and schools. We believe one of our great strength is the team of leaders and mentors who have grown with the project. They are all men who have participated in Boys2Men themselves, along with their sons, so they have an understanding of the difference it has made in their families and are committed to supporting other fathers and sons as they seek to strengthen their relationship.