It Works

What the DADS said:

“All of the time we have spent together over the past few weeks has really allowed us to understand each other better and for me, I can now show greater patience.”

“I have really enjoyed the camaraderie shown by the dads and the boys over the [camping] weekend, so as to ensure they completed tasks and enjoyed the project.”

“Both of us had to work together all weekend. Good bonding, son did very well with his confidence on the high ropes.”

“Had a sense of group/ friendship building. Built a stronger bond with my son. Created lifelong memories.”

“We helped each other and supported one another.”

“Worked to keep each other safe. Had fun!”

“Rowed together, stayed dry together, enjoyed together…first time we ever spent time in a canoe together.”

“Son overcame a terrible fear of heights by taking part in the high wire park.”

“We worked together to measure and cut all the components and then assemble our birdbox. I taught my son how to use a handsaw and set square. We finished our birdbox and then sanded it all up.”

What the SONS said:

“Dad supported me while I was doing breaststroke. One of us was holding while the other person did it. I learned how to do breast stroke a bit and I’m proud of myself and dad. ”

“I got upset and dad made me feel better [canoeing on the river Severn].”

“I achieved the zip wire and dad achieved coming back across the river on an extremely wobbly log.”

What the MUMS said:

“I‘ve seen a massive difference in my son. He loves playing games on his Xbox. Now he’s more helpful. He’s come back glowing, not so grey… Don’t have to ask him so much to do things round the house. He’s not arguing with his sister as much. Seems more patient.”

One mum (no longer with her son’s father) says: “They’ve got new activities. This project has been the making between father and son. They’ve got the basics of communication going now – they find out about each other’s day. They’ve got a sense of achievement from the activities they did on Boys2Men and they are aware of different activities they can do as a family.”

“My son is more assertive and is coming out of himself, has got an inner confidence, in fact his self-esteem has rocketed.”

“It used to be when my son played up, I would sort it out, but now dad is more confident to deal with it and I’m not taking over so much.”

“My son is now proud of his Dad (who is in fact his step father): “My Dad is the Dad of Dads” He has realised that his Dad is loving and lovable. There is a greater bond both ways”

“It’s worked wonders with my son. He has anger issues and is learning to focus more. Dad and he have a close relationship. There is less arguing. They are on an equal path now.”

“My partner was in a children’s home and his own dad was a drinker, so he has never had a role model and he is not close to his family. The course has really helped him.”