The Boys2Men Project

Boys2Men take lads and their dads on a range of challenging, fun and adventurous activities, strengthening the bond between them and helping them to trust each other more.
Our founders, Trustees and Leaders all have one common goal to help you on your Boys2Men journey and that is to give all boys the BEST chance to succeed.

Dads QuoteHave you ever looked at your favourite footballer, YouTuber or singer and thought “I wish I could be like them”? …Have you then thought to yourself, “I have not got a chance”?

Well, here at Boys2Men, we actually know the secret formula of how the people who are your stars and heroes got to where they are today. We can’t guarantee you will become a professional footballer or get hundreds of millions of followers on Facebook, but what we can do is help you get on to the same path as they travelled at your age.

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make sure you don’t miss out on this unique opportunity as it might not only change your son’s life but yours too! We help give you the tools to better understand and interact with your son and help you discover how to best support them through their crucial teenage years.

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If you want to find out more about how this unique programme can help you and your family, check out our solution below..

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There was a sense of group/ friendship building. I built a stronger bond with my son & created lifelong memories.

Happy Dad from Redditch

All of the time we have spent together over the past few weeks has really allowed us to understand each other better and for me, I can now show greater patience.

Dad from Redditch

Dad supported me while I was doing breaststroke. One of us was holding while the other person did it. I learned how to do breast stroke a bit and I’m proud of myself and dad.

Proud Son, Redditch

My son is now proud of his Dad (who is in fact his step father): “My Dad is the Dad of Dads” He has realised that his Dad is loving and lovable. There is a greater bond both ways.

A happy Mum, Redditch

I‘ve seen a massive difference in my son. He loves playing games on his Xbox. Now he’s more helpful. He’s come back glowing, not so grey… I don’t have to ask him so much to do things round the house. He’s not arguing with his sister as much and seems more patient.

Mum from Redditch

"Dad and I felt like we were on a TV show as we learned how to survive in the bush. We were brilliant!"

A budding TV star!

“I was not scared, I was petrified. But I did it and really enjoyed it. My dad was so proud of me.”

A happy son, Redditch

“This was camping Bear Grylls style. Massive fun and a real sense of adventure.”

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We know that magic happens just beyond the comfort zone, but having fun is an important part of that….

Check out this video of what we got up to in the Summer of 2014, the fun that we had, and the impact it had on the lads and dads Arrow 7involved…


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